The successful candidate will interface with medicinal chemists, research informaticians, protein crystallographers, biophysicists, other computational chemists, biologists, and program managers, with a primary responsibility of providing scientific guidance as a seasoned computational chemist coupled with a broad base of extensive prior drug discovery problem solving.  Desirable competencies include structure-based molecular design, virtual screening, library design, peptide & peptidomimetic modeling, statistical modeling, ligand-based 3D-pharmacophore development, database searching, conformational analyses as well as management of integrated drug discovery projects. The position requires a Ph.D. degree in computational chemistry or a related field with ample firsthand experience in applying computational chemistry methodologies in a pragmatic matter that has clearly and demonstrably impacted projects.  Creative problem solving is highly valued and strong communication is essential.

The position will based in either Los Angeles, CA or Princeton, N.J.

Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure effective computational chemistry project support through firsthand work and by providing technical oversight and management of external resources
  • Assess and implement effective emerging methodologies, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence
  • Impact delivery of strategies for protein-structure based and ligand based drug design
  • Provide guidance for FTE and other resource allocation of computational chemistry, structural biology, and biophysical resources at Integrated Drug Discovery CROs

Qualifications of a Director of Cheminformatics & Computational Chemistry:

  • Ph.D. in computational chemistry or related field with post-doctoral experience
  • Expert knowledge of computational chemistry and its successful application to drug discovery
  • Extensive firsthand experience with commercial molecular modeling and data mining software
  • Ability to manage ideas from multiple sources, including colleagues, scientific literature and patents


  • Honest, ethical, diligent, innovative, and a team player
  • Flexible, open minded, with ability and desire to listen to others
  • Motivate, guide and inspire integrated teams

To apply for this position, confidentially email us here.