Are you passionate about curing or treating serious genetic disorders, hematological diseases, or both?

We have an exciting opportunity to lead a consortium of industry drug discovery/development scientists, clinicians, and regulators deriving data-based solutions to speed FDA approvals of safe and effective Sickle Cell therapeutics. Your expertise in genetics, hematology, or Sickle Cell disease itself will help to drive overall strategic planning, management, and the activities of this collaborative effort to expedite therapies.


  • Communicate the vision of the consortium to key stakeholders (pharma, academic, and government participants), existing and potential funders, strategic partners, and the scientific community.
  • Provide overall leadership, and administrative and scientific oversight. Coordinate initiative projects with the group.
  • Provide operational excellence including, financial oversight, and project implementation management.
  • Lead scientific evaluation of clinical and scientific issues and generate substantial solutions to accelerate therapeutic development (including model informed drug-development, biomarkers, and clinical outcome assessments.
  • Foster relationships with regulatory bodies, consortium members, and other research initiatives in the field.
  • Guide the work plan to develop, evaluate, and prepare applications for submission to the FDA/EMA (qualification of quantitative disease models, biomarkers, clinical outcome assessments, etc.).
  • Recruiting new organizations from pharmaceutical and biotech for consortium membership.
  • Manages consortium staff (scientific directors, project managers, and project coordinators).


  • MD, PharmD, PhD or equivalent advanced degree 
  • 5-10 years’ experience in therapeutic development (drug discovery, mechanistic pharmacology, safety assessment, clinical development, project management, or regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry).
  • 3-5 years’ experience managing individual and team members.
  • Knowledge of therapeutic development especially with regards to sickle cell disease or other genetic hematological disorders.
  • Working knowledge of clinical trial design and biostatistical analysis.
  • Experienced knowledge of regulatory approval and the development process for therapeutics (FDA/EMA/ICH regulations and requirements). Proven experience with the design, conduct, and reporting of experiments or studies relevant to applications of novel efficacy or safety biomarkers, or preclinical efficacy models.
  • Working knowledge of good clinical practices.

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