Good ideas and promising therapeutics often die in academia after discovery. Academic researchers are not trained or knowledgeable in drug development, proof-of-concept studies, validating assays, or IND-enabling studies. Our client is launching a major program to help move promising therapeutics to clinical evaluation. Are you knowledgeable about creating decision trees for go/no-go decisions, preclinical development strategies, and what is needed for a successful IND? Want to lead a novel program and advance therapeutics which might otherwise never get evaluated?  If you have driven early-phase research to successful IND filings, have excellent communication skills, and a passion for early drug development, you could implement and lead this important program. Based in the Southwest, but available as a remote position, they have excellent support and resources available to optimize success.


  • PhD with 7+ years in the drug discovery/development industry
  • A thorough understanding of drug development for peptides, proteins, antibodies, and small molecules¬†(lead optimization, mechanistic pharmacology, early safety assessment, etc.)
  • Experience with the design of studies relevant to the preparation of IND applications (applications of novel efficacy or safety biomarkers, preclinical efficacy models, etc.)
  • Knowledge of regulatory approval and drug development processes
  • Experience working with academic researchers and partnerships is a plus!

To apply for this position, confidentially email us here.