Do you have experience in drug development (R&D, clinical, or regulatory) from industry or FDA/EMA? Would you like to play a more influential role in strategy and drug approval? We have a unique role requiring a PhD or similar degree, knowledge of drug development, an ability to assimilate and re-communicate data, and a passion for bringing people together and generating consensus on mutual goals.

Our client is a world leader in creating effective consortia of industry leaders, clinicians, and patient advocates who work with regulators to more clearly define approval pathways for innovative therapies, rare diseases, or new technologies. Currently we are helping identify leaders for a consortium developing an expedited pathway for approvals of therapeutics to treat a rare neurodegenerative disease. If you would like to play a major role in such, can influence without having to drive conclusions, and want to make a difference which could last for decades, contact us for further details and information.

You will need an advanced scientific or medical degree, excellent communication and team leadership skills, an ability to juggle multiple working groups, and experience in the drug development process. Also, you should be a current resident of North America and have current US work authorization or be TN visa eligible.

To apply for this position, confidentially email us here.