Are you experienced with in vivo pharmacology and would like to have the independence, resources, and support to lead a team and accomplish your goals? We are looking for a leader with good experience in rodent models of neurodegenerative diseases and/or neuroinflammatory diseases (systemic autoimmune and inflammatory diseases would be highly desirable). Our client is an early-stage biotech developing precision therapeutics for neurodegenerative, neuro-inflammatory, and immunological conditions with a pipeline of preclinical small molecule candidates. This unique company combines human genetics and AI-focused drug discovery to create novel, innovative therapeutics for patients who have little or no future hope.

In this role you will lead/mentor scientists who will be developing and executing in vivo strategies using a wide range of preclinical in vivo models (efficacy, PK/PD, screening toxicology etc). You will provide technical/scientific in vivo pharmacology expertise for a variety of drug discovery programs (target ID/validation to IND enabling studies).

Come be a critical part of the biology leadership team for this unique company where you can oversee the in vivo strategy (selection/development/validation of in vivo models).


  • PhD (Immunology, Neuroscience, or other related)
  • 6+ years in industry
  • Expertise developing in vivo strategies and utilizing PK/PD/efficacy data to drive lead optimization and characterization of small molecule therapeutics
  • Experienced in translational strategies to enable early clinical development
  • Track record of scientific accomplishments (publications, patents, invited presentations)
  • Excellent leadership and mentorship skills
  • Hands-on experience with animal studies (including animal husbandry, IP, PO and subcutaneous dose administration, tissue harvesting, blood sampling)


  • Experience with in vivo imaging and surgical procedures
  • Familiarity with regulations and guidelines dealing with the humane use of animals in research
  • Proficiency with GraphPad Prism

To apply for this position, confidentially email us here.