Are you a postdoc or early career PhD Scientist looking for a good opportunity in industry? Come use your expertise in gene editing and cell line engineering for therapeutic discovery in a novel application. This is a chance to contribute to key discoveries that will have a direct impact on the success of projects using human-derived mAbs to combat drug resistant bacteria and viral infections. Our southern SF Bay client is looking who a scientist who can drive innovation and lead projects and who has hands-on experience with molecular gene editing, designing experiments, and analyzing data.


  • Design and execute  genetic editing/engineering experiments in mammalian cell lines (via CRISPR or other novel editing platforms) for the development of robust protein and antibody expression systems
  • Develop molecular strategies for genomic engineering optimized for manufacturing processes
  • Design, generate, and produce DNA constructs
  • Generate stable/clonal genetically modified cell lines with comprehensive molecular and phenotypic characterization


  • Ph.D. in a relevant field
  • At least two years postdoctoral experience (academia or industry)
  • Expertise in cutting edge gene editing technologies (gRNA design, donor template building, genome cleavage assays, off-target editing evaluation, genomic integration analysis, etc.)
  • Significant experience in molecular cloning, vector construction, transfection and viral infection, and transgene expression
  • Experience in generating stable/clonal genetically modified mammalian cell lines

Must currently live in North America and have current US work authorization or be TN-visa eligible.

To apply for this position, confidentially email us here.