Are you knowledgeable and experienced in therapeutic R&D across multiple indications, and interested in the business of science? If you have good experience with drug discovery and early development, AND/OR you have Search and Evaluation experience in biotech/pharma, this could be an exciting opportunity for you. Work with the executive team of a biopharma assessing the scientific merit and potential success of early stage assets. Be part of the team and learn about deals, value propositions, licensing, and more. While most of the team is in San Francisco Bay area, this can be done remotely. (West Coast residents preferred. N.American residency required.) Strong salary, benefits, and equity. Great team. In this role you would:

  • Critically and objectively evaluate the merits and weaknesses of potential opportunities
  • Provide interpretation of the preclinical and clinical data and results published by partners and/or the competitors
  • Lead technical diligence, market assessment and competitive analysis for potential assets and summarize the findings. 
  • Translate these technical insights into a probability of technical and regulatory success
  • Stay current on the latest industry and competitive trends and scientific advancements
  • Strategically, develop a plan and priorities for developing the asset portfolio, including therapeutic area, modality, phase of development, etc. 
  • Work closely with the deal team and make recommendations on the deal structure
  • Prepare presentation decks for the Deal team and Executive Team, Board and investors
  • Source new acquisition opportunities
  • Serve as the central point of contact for internal coordination and the external primary point of contact with a few key partners
  • Engage with and communicate regularly with partner’s’ alliance managers and ensure key contractual obligations and reporting requirements are met
  • Establish and manage key external relationships including advisors, KOLs, consultants, investors, etc.

To apply for this position, confidentially email us here.