Dr. Trial

Rachelle Trial, Ph.D. joined us at PharmaScouts as a Senior Executive Recruiter in April 2015. Dr. Trial earned her Ph.D. in Biology at the University of Utah; her doctoral studies focused on gene expression in prokaryotic circadian rhythms. She did her postdoctoral work with Professor Kit Pogliano at UCSD. Those studies focused on sporulation in Bacillus subtilis and its interspecies interactions to better define the mechanism of action of secondary metabolites produced by B. subtilis. Dr. Trial also taught an upper division bacteriology course for UCSD in Fall 2012 before returning to Dr. Pogliano’s lab as a Staff Research Associate IV. As a recruiter, Dr. Trial is able to combine her passion for science with her excellent people skills to provide leading life science and pharmaceutical companies with knowledgeable and highly skilled executive level scientists.