The Feedback


Sample comments from clients and candidates

Some of our past and current clients:

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Client Comments:

“Efficient, competent, reliable, great follow through, mature, honest. . . This was the most effective partnership with recruiting that I have ever experienced.”

— GlaxoSmithKline

“We only want the best of the best and we can depend on Barbara to deliver those kinds of candidates. Barbara represents our company well.  She is always professional and genuine and never pushy.  She understands the value of developing long-term, win-win relationships with both clients and candidates.”


“Barbara is like a nice “bulldog”–professional and light but tenacious when it comes to gathering the information she needs from a candidate.  On a difficult search, she presented three candidates who all hit the mark. Most scientific professionals are extremely analytical and introverted, which poses a challenge to many recruiters. Barbara knows how to reach them.”

— Millennium Pharmaceuticals

“Barbara’s strong scientific background was a tremendous asset in our search for a leader of our chemistry department.  We had expected this search to take many months, but we were presented with such strong candidates that the position was filled within a number of weeks.”

— GlaxoSmithKline

“Barbara knows what she’s talking about.  She only presents the most qualified candidates.  Unlike most recruiters who disappear after the deal is done, Barbara followed up with me afterwards to confirm that we were pleased with the organic chemist we hired.  I appreciate that level of service.”

— Clinical Microsensors (A Division of Motorola)

“I enjoy working with Barbara because we’re on the same level.  She has the scientific background to speak our language and understand the highly demanding environment in which we work. Barbara is energetic and pro-active.  Sometimes she lets us know when she’s found a good person-someone with high integrity, a solid reputation and a desire to learn-even when there might not be a current opening.  Barbara is also active within the scientific community and does her best to involve others.”

— Arena Pharmaceuticals

“Barbara consistently presents us with candidates who are right on the mark.  And that includes personality features as well as technical skills.  With a Ph.D. in Pharmacology, she clearly understands our business and the subtleties between different fields. She is always upbeat and very easy to work with.”

— Galileo Pharmaceuticals

“Even though the position wasn’t in Barbara’s area of scientific expertise, she quickly grasped the situation, easily understood our requirements, and, I think, because of her background, understood our needs perhaps more easily than someone without a working background in science.“

— GlaxoSmithKline

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Candidate Comments:

“Barbara certainly was a great partner in this process.  She was available whenever I needed help.  She had good advice for handling certain situations . . . I think her scientific knowledge was useful, but her enthusiasm and thoroughness were a great complement to that knowledge.”

— new hire at Genentech

“As a candidate, I appreciated Barbara because she is enthusiastic, open to my concerns and completely accessible.  Like most scientists, I am not sophisticated at marketing myself.  Barbara coached me on how to express myself more effectively.  She recommended books and articles to read that would help me make the best impression.  She gave me the confidence I needed to succeed.  Now that I’m in a position to hire others, I look forward to working with Barbara again.”

— new hire at Pfizer

“The amount of preparation for the interview was unreal. Barbara did everything to ensure that things went smoothly.  She even introduced me to the Women in Biotechnology association so I could have a support and networking group to rely on.  Working with Barbara was a wonderful experience and a lot of fun.”

— new hire at Metabasis Therapeutics

“As a candidate, I found Barbara a joy to work with.  She took the time to understand me and to appreciate how I could be an asset to the right organization.  Barbara clearly was looking for the opportunity that would align with my goals and never asked me to pursue positions that didn’t fit.  Her optimism and enthusiasm throughout the entire process made all the difference.”

— new hire at Amgen

“Barbara is fantastic, a phenomenal person with the right combination of friendliness and professionalism.  After reviewing my CV, she conducted an intense 45-minute phone interview to make sure I was right for the job.  I knew she was busy and in demand, but she always made me feel like I was the only person she was trying to place.  Barbara is responsive, caring and respected by the clients and candidates she serves.  In my eleven years in this industry, I have worked with many recruiters and have never received nearly this level of treatment.”

— new hire at SkyePharma, Inc.

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