Are you an early career life science PhD or MD looking to get into Venture Capital, investments, or company creation? Our client has a rare opportunity to join the Venture group as an Investment Analyst or VC Fellow.  You will learn the ropes of search and evaluation, due diligence, company pitch, business development, financing and other aspects to develop a career in life science investing with funds or VCs, or step into corporate leadership roles in startups to impact their future and success. Continue to build a portfolio of businesses worth $2.5B with proven mentors who have a track-record off turning out successful fund managers/C-level executives, and prominent investors. This Midwest-located  opportunity is a stepping-stone to a career in investment, startup, and/or corporate leadership roles.

Qualified candidates will have:

  • PhD in biosciences (or ag science) or related discipline from major research institution
  • Strong interest in venture capital, entrepreneurship, and technology commercialization
  • Previous exposure to startups, licensing, market analysis and-or due diligence (preferred)

Depending on the role (Analyst or Fellow) you will use your scientific and analytical skills to actively participate in the following

  • Work closely with investment staff to source and triage opportunities from research institutions, entrepreneurs, and other professional investment groups
  • Perform scientific and business assessments of new company concepts and early-stage ventures; design milestone-based, go/no go decision funnels on a project-specific basis
  • Continuously evaluate progress; accelerate projects and companies that achieve milestones
  • Identify, engage, and help manage external resources, including consultants, vendors, KOLs, and other resources needed on a project-specific basis
  • Evaluate management teams on an ongoing basis; recruit and build teams as necessary to progress new companies to initial funding and beyond
  • Assist with investments in both seed-stage and venture-backed bioscience companies
  • Support existing portfolio companies as they advance their products and business models
  • Analyze potential investments including all aspects of the technology and business
  • Help advance non-portfolio companies to the point that they are investable
  • Evaluate the merits for follow-on funding of existing portfolio companies

You also will assist with investments in both seed-stage and venture-backed bioscience companies as well as

  • Continue to improve the organization’s programs through new ideas and ongoing problem solving
  • Enhance the VC’s reputation as a national leader in innovation and bioscience commercialization
  • Contribute to deliverables of partner organizations through collaborative projects

Candidates must have current work authorization for a for-profit company (or  be TN visa eligible) and be willing to relocate to this midwestern city.

To apply for this position, confidentially email us here.