Are you a practical visionary who wants to build, grow and lead a Translational Genomics center, a first-class facility designed to bring the power of genomics, affordably, first to cancer patients, then to the fields of cell and regenerative medicine? Our client is equipping a new Next Generation Genomics (NGG) core with state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled expertise to create an integrated, cost-effective approach to individualized patient treatment. Housed by a newly renovated, an in-patient hospital already providing cutting-edge immunotherapies and other treatments to cancer patients, the NGG core will play a critical role supporting clinical decision making and developing personalized medicines initially for cancer, then across multiple therapeutic areas and therapeutic approaches.

The NGG core will use cutting-edge technologies, including high-throughput sequencing, genome mapping, and gene/protein expression profiling, to identify the unique genetic characteristics of each patient’s cancer. These and other patient data will enable doctors to design customized treatment plans for individual patients.

The NGG Director will plan the integration of instrumentation, data, and workflows and will hire and lead a team of experienced scientists to implement nucleic acid technology platforms for clinical assays and patient characterization strategies. The Director also will oversee collection, analysis, and delivery of high quality data for clinical use. Techniques and methods will be tailored to the clinical need and may ultimately use genetic material from a variety of sources (I.e., blood, tumors, cfDNA, exosomes and the microbiome). In addition to building a functional cancer profiling center, the Director will play a key strategic role. S/he will be responsible for identifying and testing technical innovations in order to bring new patient characterization platforms into clinical use. As it develops, the NGG platform ultimately may include DNA and RNA technologies to identify transcriptomic, mutational and epigenetic variations to ensure that our center remains at the forefront of providing data for effective therapeutic decision making. The genomics center is envisioned to expand beyond cancer and contribute to cell and regenerative medicine as well.

Launching a cancer genomics NGG core is the first step in building a world-class translational genomics team, applying these approaches across the disease spectrum, and generating informed treatment options for physicians leading to more successful outcomes for patients. Portions of the facility are nearly finished with renovations to accommodate the NGG core facility. For patient affordability, diversity of treatments, and international access, the NGG facility will be located within a newly renovated international hospital approximately 30-40 minutes from the airport in Tijuana, Mexico. A Sentry Pass makes border crossing easy for NGG personnel who want to live in the US.

Join this exciting endeavor as the NGG Director and help bring life-changing treatments to patients around the world.


  • Plan and direct implementation of genomics technologies/workflows for clinical biomarkers and patient characterization, integrating technical excellence and analytical strategy.
  • Hire and manage a group of scientists to support clinical decision making through the development and outsourcing of genomics assays to external vendors, ensuring that timelines for data delivery are met and data are high quality and meeting clinical laboratory standards and regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Direct a build out of an NGS pipeline from cloud-based systems for analysis and storage.
  • Function as subject matter expert for clinical application of genomic technologies and analytical tools.
  • Build a cross-functional organization to support multiple projects and large data sets.
  • Direct the design, development, implementation and maintenance of the bioinformatics function and overall research computing capability. Oversee the computational infrastructure and control the flow of samples and information for large-scale studies
  • Partner with computational biologists and statisticians to establish priorities for clinical genomics data analysis, management, database build and internal and external supporting resources.
  • Provide support to lead programs through analysis and integration of NGS data
  • Contribute to establishment and integration of biorepository and its associated data
  • Present scientific and technical data to both internal and external scientific colleagues in a clear and cohesive manner
  • Communicate with management and Board re. budget, competition, growth strategy, etc.
  • Serve as a thought-partner for the executive team and product management team in determining how to get the most business value from our technology investments.
  • Help establish US/Mexican partnerships, collaborations, and customers (i.e., for data, specimens, cells or cell lines, etc.) Potentially establish internships through universities to advance research and hiring objectives.
  • Drive technical innovation for patient characterization (especially for epigenetic applications) and promote development of novel informatics and computational tools as well as applications systems for management and analysis of data.


  • PhD in molecular biology, computational biology, genetics or a related field, with 7+ years of experience in multiple genomics technologies and applications
  • Proven track record of developing strategies and leading the implementation of genomics technologies that are an integral part of drug development and disease characterization.
  • Experience in the application of genomics technologies to clinical testing and diagnoses.
  • Demonstrated ability to hire and lead a technical team.
  • Demonstrated ability to establish effective collaborative relationships with cross functional scientific and clinical teams in a matrix environment
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Passion and vision to build a first-class genomics center benefiting all patients, but especially those requiring more affordable, innovative, modern approaches.

To apply for this position, confidentially email us here.